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Revolutionizing the Paintball Marketplace

In the dynamic world of paintball, enthusiasts needed a dedicated platform to buy, sell, and trade gear. Recognizing this gap, I founded Paintball Vault, a comprehensive marketplace tailored to the paintball community.

Paintball Vault
Paintball Vault

At the heart of Paintball Vault's success is its robust technological foundation. The mobile app, crafted meticulously using Expo and React Native, offers users a seamless and intuitive experience, making gear trading a breeze. On the web front, we harnessed the power of Next.js to deliver a fast, responsive, and immersive platform that mirrors the app's efficiency.

But what truly sets Paintball Vault apart is its backend infrastructure. By integrating Postgres with Supabase, we've been able to effortlessly scale our API. This strategic choice not only ensures a consistent product experience across both web and native apps but also positions Paintball Vault for future growth.

Moreover, in the early stages of the business, we introduced a custom LLM (Large Language Model) to manage customer support. This innovative approach allowed Paintball Vault to scale efficiently, ensuring top-notch customer service without the need for a large employee base.

Today, Paintball Vault stands as a beacon of innovation in the paintball community, a testament to our commitment to excellence and forward-thinking.