Food photography was my first found passion in professional photography. I started working as a marketing intern for Mercadito Hospitality when I was in graduate school at DePaul and it afforded me some great opportunies to take lots of photos of lots of great food as well as expose me to the hospitality network in the best food city in the world. Here's some shots that I took both on the job, and for the hell of it. As a side note, people really think you take your shit seriously when you couple your reservation with a big ass camera. I kind of wish I could shrink my setup and draw less attention. If you know some tricks, hit me up

Mercadito Hospitality

I worked here for a couple of years and took photos of many different restaurant openings. Mercadito is still 💯

Oak + Char

This place was good, and eating this food after taking the photos was a nice perk.