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How I Get Inspired v2.0

I came across another awesome video online. This one uses a Phantom Flex digital camera to capture all of these awesome shots. The camera captures 2,564 frames per second and up to 6,000 FPS on VGA. This definitely takes high FPS videos to a new level.

It would be way too much fun to mess around with these but with a price range from 50-150k, I think I’ll wait. Check out the video below of how sick this thing is in action.

How I Get Inspired v1.0

I came across this recent video by Ed Kinnard and the Red Bull team and am literally speechless. This to me is what making a video is all about. They don’t over use effects but they use enough where you get a sense of professionalism and a feeling that these guys are very good at what they do.

What I’m most jealous of is their use of the insanely high FPS used on some of their shots. Their budget is obviously through the roof but if I were giving up that kind of money I’d be more than satisfied with what they’ve cranked out. Here’s the video, check it out.